About Me

Rene Carloni is one of the most experienced and respected mortgage brokers in the business. He has previously owned Dominion Lending Centers and Mortgage Centre Franchises. Rene has over two decades of lending experience, including 15 as a licensed mortgage broker. Rene has been involved in nearly every type of financing you can think of.

Rene is actively involved in real estate development, commercial real estate, private mortgage lending and various other finance companies.

He has real life and professional experience with complex transactions. Rene understands clients who are going through divorce, difficult family situations, business ups and downs and renovations. Rene can sit with a client and really understand their needs and offer the best possible financial advice and positioning while incorporating the lowest possible rate. This allows his clients to move forward in which ever life and housing decision fits their needs with confidence, understanding and more money in their pocket.

Rene was born in Denmark and lives in Penticton, BC with his two young boys, Ace 9 & Fox 6, who can sometimes be found at the office helping Dad.

Having cumulatively funded over 250,000 loans in his career through various companies he is possibly the most experienced broker in the country.

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