Ozzie Jurock’s Oz Buzz Blog & Podcasts!

Ozzie Jurock is featured on ‘MoneyTalks’ with Michael Campbell on CKNW weekly (for over 25 years)

He has appeared on GlobalTV, CityTV’s Breakfast Television, and dozens of radio stations across the country as well his articles have appeared in publications such as the Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Western Investor, Vancouver Sun, Business in Vancouver, Chicken Soup for the Soul and dozens of magazines.

He is a 3x best-selling author and featured in multiple US bestselling books

Apart from being named one of the 45 brightest people in Vancouver by Vancouver Magazine, he has also led the largest real estate company (10,000 employees) in Canada, ran corporations in the United States and Taiwan and served on dozens of industry related boards and organizations.

For a complete list of awards, accolades and a full bio visit ozziejurock.com/about

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  1. Ozzie answers question on where to will the “Canadian dollar” go, “Real Estate markets”, Rental property issues, RE market crashes and outcomes…all here at….you can also ask YOUR questions.


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