Ralph Case is President of the Real Estate Action Group. REAG is an organization with monthly membership designed to help members gain skill and take action in Real Estate investing. reag.ca.

Ralph is also co-founder of Worldwide Referrals Realty (www.worldwidereferrals.com), has been a speaker at Real Estate and Investment conferences in the United States and Canada, and owns a Real Estate development and syndication company. He is an author in the books: Real Estate Action and the bestseller: Trendsetters.

Ralph doesn’t just talk the talk, he practices what he teaches! In the last 7 years he has bought and sold over 1700 residential units either individually or with his joint venture partners. Clearly he is a man of ACTION! His specialty is “Action Plans” and he meets monthly with Real Estate Action Group members to perfect their plans and reach their goals.

An investor since 1981, one of the key things he teaches is life balance. Work smart, not necessarily hard. Become financially free as fast as possible and use that freedom to enjoy life and make the world a better place.

Past experience includes 5 years as a geophysicist with Chevron Canada Resources, 5 years master member of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s Medallion Club representing the top 1% of Realtors, Director of Sales of a publicly listed Real Estate Syndication company with over $100 million in annual sales, and owner of a successful mortgage brokerage.


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