I am one of a relatively select group of realtors in Vancouver who can handle basically any type of transaction. I will ably take care of any type of residential transaction for you but also any type of commercial transaction as well (having spent time on both sides of the business exclusively, each for a number of years). I am extremely well-networked and therefore, well-connected. So I can can also gather together any and all related professionals that you may require to get a transaction completed successfully – lawyers, appraisers, mortgage brokers, property inspectors, architects – whoever you require. Real estate is a big-money transaction. Therefore it requires the right professionals to be involved TO GET IT COMPLETED CORRECTLY AND LEGALLY. I will guarantee that result for you. Contact me anytime at my one number, 604-499-7240 and/or my email, neilhamilton@macrealty.com. I will ensure that your transaction proceeds smoothly and that you are happy with the result in every way possible!



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