VIRTUOSO CAPITAL VENTURES | Real Estate Capital Investments

Our Mission; “To enrich the lives of each and every Investor partner and community we invest in”.

A Mission founded in the peace of mind that comes from sharing safe, stable Multi Family Apartment Building investments that yield exceptional returns. Each investor will be provided with an investment life plan showing how the rate of return improves as the buildings pay for themselves while at the same time paying the investors returns from 7 profit centres including monthly passive income.

Founded by Rick Genovese.

Rick and his advisory and management team bring a wealth of experience to the Real Estate Investing forum from diverse backgrounds in, Independent Business Ventures in fields of Real Estate Investing, OEM Manufacturing Operations and Construction Business Management.

Virtuoso has assembled a proven team of professionals to manage and maintain its current and future holdings.

Always striving for cost efficiency and continuous improvement of revenues, properties, systems and infrastructure.

We look forward to building prosperous, long term relationships with each and every investment partner, founded in sharing wealth opportunity, inspired action and value creation.

Sincerely, Rick Genovese.


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